Aug 132014

The July  RRLug meeting had 11 members attending.  We met at the usual time of  6:30pm in the Rasmussen College Boardroom. We had  a few new faces in the crowd tonight. As usual we had several different presentations on the agenda, however tonight we had a few changes.

  • Ogle County Linux Users Group – we discuss the continued growth of the newest LUG in the neighborhood.
  • Linux Debugging Session – we bad a little old time Linux fun in installing and  tuning Linux to run on older hardware. It was surprising that no one had a cdrom or dvd burner on their laptops any more! Made the challenge even more fun.
  • Firefox Configuration Management – Began discussing some of the  the newest changes in Firefox and helps to safeguard your configuration and settings. Will complete the discussion next month.
  • Linux News – Discuss the general Linux news items from the past month.

We had an outstanding evening of open source fun!

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