Dec 072020

Our meeting will start at our usual 6:00 pm on Thursday, December 10th and last till 10pm. Contact and agenda information is listed below:

December RRLug Virtual Meeting Link

  • Dotfile Management – Sam Williams is going to discuss a couple of methods for managing your dotfile in a way that you can easily recover your desktop configuration from a disaster or to quickly configure a new environment.
  • Creating a Multi-Distro Bootable USB drive – Any good Linux engineer has in their toolkit a bootable USB drive with their favorite Linux distribution. Now that distributions have exceeded the size of a CD and will only fit on a thumb-drive why waste space. We will be looking at a couple of ways of building a thumb-drive with multiple Linux distributions.
  • RRLug Upcoming Listserv Update – Sam is going to discuss a change to the current email list that we have been using the last 2 decades and what that will mean for us going forward.
  • Linux Round-Table Discussion – We will discuss any Linux related news items that strike a responsive cord with the membership. We will also discuss any technical problems or issues people may be dealing with.

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