Hey RRLug: Email Reminder

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Dec 132020

Happy holidays RRLug!

I just wanted to remind everyone that Yahoo is deprecating their Groups email service on December 15th. Its a sad turn of affairs since we have used this service for the last 22 years.

Last week I sent out invitations to everyone that was on the Yahoo list to a newer service called If you are interested in continuing to receive emails from the group for notification or participation you will need to accept that invitation. If you didn’t see it and are interested please check your Spam folder in your email client. If you are interested and you didn’t get the invite and its not in the spam folder please subscribe to the list by sending email to the following address:

Note: for those of you that have already accepted the invitation you will get this email twice since I’m also in the process of setting up the RSS to email connectivity. This should drop back down to one email per notification in the next week when Yahoo stops the list.

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December RRLug Meeting Agenda: 12/10/2020

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Dec 072020

Our meeting will start at our usual 6:00 pm on Thursday, December 10th and last till 10pm. Contact and agenda information is listed below:

December RRLug Virtual Meeting Link

  • Dotfile Management – Sam Williams is going to discuss a couple of methods for managing your dotfile in a way that you can easily recover your desktop configuration from a disaster or to quickly configure a new environment.
  • Creating a Multi-Distro Bootable USB drive – Any good Linux engineer has in their toolkit a bootable USB drive with their favorite Linux distribution. Now that distributions have exceeded the size of a CD and will only fit on a thumb-drive why waste space. We will be looking at a couple of ways of building a thumb-drive with multiple Linux distributions.
  • RRLug Upcoming Listserv Update – Sam is going to discuss a change to the current email list that we have been using the last 2 decades and what that will mean for us going forward.
  • Linux Round-Table Discussion – We will discuss any Linux related news items that strike a responsive cord with the membership. We will also discuss any technical problems or issues people may be dealing with.

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