Who Is RRlug


Our Humble Beginnings

Rock River Linux Users Group  or RRLug as we are also called,  is a diversely talented group joined together by a shared interest in Linux and Free/Open Source Software (FOSS). RRLug was started by Sam Williams (samiam@gmail.com) and has grown from a casual conversation to a technical organization that is still growing  strong.  2024 is our 26th year as RRLug which makes us one of the oldest and longest lived Linux Community Organizations in the world! Each year we are getting better then the previous!

Back in 1998, we were briefly called Northern Illinois Linux Enthusiasts (NILE), but were  asked to change the name to minimize confusion with a similarly named LUG in Chicago (which ironically no longer exists). We have been the Rock River Linux Users Group every since. Along the way we absorbed the membership of two other smaller LUGs making us the only LUG in the North Central area of Illinois. We currently have 99 members.

RRLug is located in Rockford, Illinois which is  85 miles west of Chicago. All visitors are welcome, especially those near the Illinois / Wisconsin border. We cordially invite anyone to come out any time to discuss, play, and just have fun with Linux and Open Source Software….

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