Meetings & Location


Due to lock down issues related to Covid our meetings have moved to all virtual. We may switch back at some point in time, but physical meeting space is hard to come by in Rockford. We meet the second Thursday of each month through Jitsi Meet and the meetings last  from 6:00 – 10:00pm.

2024 RRLug Virtual Meeting Schedule

  • January 11 2024
  • February 08 2024
  • March 14 2024
  • April 11 2024
  • May 09 2024
  • June 13 2024     ( Next Virtual Meeting )
  • July 11 2024
  • August 08 2024
  • September 12 2024
  • October 10 2024
  • November 14 2024
  • December 12 2024

Future Presentation Topics

( Crossed off topics were given in the month listed )
  • Automating system deployment and management
    Tips and Tricks
  • Cool Pi/SBC projects
  • Development toolchains
    compilers / linkers, etc
    embedded tools
  • Favorite utilities – tools
    have everyone contribute a project that they rely on for their work.
  • Filesystem deep dive
    ZFS, Ext4, BTRFS, XFS etc.
    which filesystem is right for your application. ZFS, Ext4, BTRFS, XFS, etc.
  • Gaming on Linux
    Open Source
    AAA Games – Steam, etc.
  • GitOps for Fun and ProfitFebruary 2022
    The basic mechanics of GitOps in a Kubernetes context.
  • Home server hosting
    how to get away from the cloud
    alternatives to Google, O365, etc.SBC based server solutions
  • Linux Design Tools
  • Linux Distribution reviews?
    Pick a disto that we all install and review at a next meeting?
  • Linux friendly gadgets
  • Linux Media production
    Audio/Video editing
    Music production – multitrack recording,
  • Linux Troubleshooting
  • ML and AI applications on Linux
  • Open source infrastructure
    load balancing, etc.
  • Retro emulation on Linux
    Old games systems
    mini computers, etc.
  • Techniques for managing Linux
    Linux systems at scale
    Linux system admin and server setup and deployment
    Linux security hardening
    Active Directory integration
  • WSL2 –  August 2021
    Using WSL2 on Windows

Attend The Virtual Meeting

The Jitsi Meeting meeting information is provide in two flavors. First will be on our website in the form of a meeting notice. Second it will be sent out to our LUG email list. You can subscribe to that by clicking on the link below. The list is pretty low traffic so you shouldn’t be spammed in any way.

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Directions to Rasmussen

Rasmussen College
6000 East State Street (Chase Bank Building) 
Fourth Floor
Rockford, Illinois

Note: Corner of State Street and Mulford. Click the Directions link below for specific driving instructions.

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