Code of Conduct



  1. RRLug is an open organization welcoming all interested individuals, regardless of race, creed, lifestyle choice, sex, religious or political affiliations

  2. RRLug is a non-professional organization, but to extend a positive outreach into the community at large we should act professionally at all times

  3. RRLug meetings are intended to allow those curious to ask questions, those educated to teach, and those interested in free and open software to be able to meet and share information and thoughts.

  4. RRLug meetings will be conducted along the following guidelines:

    1. Presenters must be given the utmost respect and attention. Allow them to determine how and when you will interact with them during their presentation. Abuse of the presenter in any form will not be permitted.

    2. Discussions unrelated to the presentation should be conducted outside the meeting room while any presentations are in place.

    3. Discussions regarding sensitive issues not related to Free/Open Source Software should be taken out of the meeting.

    4. Presenters volunteering to do a presentation should make every attempt to satisfy their commitment, but in the event they can’t they should provide adequate notice so alternative presentations might be pursued.

    5. During RRLug sanctioned meetings and functions, every attempt will be made to support a non-exclusion philosophy for all our existing and perspective members. Any venue change after the formal meeting that doesn’t support that philosophy should not be announced during the meeting. In the past  these  venue changes might have alienated many members and that goes against the charter of RRLug.

  5. Finally, RRLug and its regular membership should make every effort to support those less knowledgeable in a respectful manner. For Linux and Open Source to grow in Rockford it is important for the public to consider us a technical resource. In order to fill that role RRLug must vigilantly demonstrate that it is more than a collection of social misfits, but instead we are truly an organization that strives to help our fellow computer user.


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