Feb 122011

Tonight was the first meeting of 2011. The weather was good and we saw 15 people attending. There were a few old friends that showed up that we haven’t seen in awhile. It was a good meeting!

We had the following presentations:

  • Sam Williams gave a good demo and comparison of the two new user shells, Unity and Gnome Shell. Each will be available to all Gnome or Ubuntu users within the next few months. During the course of the demonstration the group came to the consensus that currently Gnome Shell is the most useful of the two. We will see where things end up when this mini-battle is finished.
  • Sam Williams also gave an updated presentation on the current browser war. He demonstrated Firefox 4 Beta 10 and the Chrome 10 development build.  He drew a functional comparison between both browsers during the course of his demonstration. The future is looking really bright with these two fast browsers.
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