Nov 082012

Just a reminder to everyone that we will have our November LUG meeting (tonight)  at 6:30pm on Thursday, November 8th at Rasmussen College (rm 403).  Currently, the agenda is as follows:


  • TEDxRockford – Sam Williams was invited to attend the first, hopefully annual TEDxRockford conference. He came away with many cool ideas and he wanted to share his experience.
  • Enlightenment – We all strive for enlightenment, particularly in our current political season, but Sam Williams wants to bring enlightening news of  a different sort. It seems that a very long running development cycle for the Enlightenment window manager is coming to a close and release is at hand. Here comes some historic perspective and an exposure to some awesome technology.
  • Using and Configuring SSH (pt 1) – Sam Williams is going to look at several things that make ssh particularly ideal for secure communication. Tonight we will look at configuring both the client and server side of an awesome and very useful set of commands.

Hope you all can come out and catch up.

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