Nov 072012

The October meeting went really well. We had 11 people attending! We had lots of good general purpose questions being asked. Tonight we had two presentations:

  • SQLite ( – Gary Melvin  has been busy interfacing  his Arduinos to  all kinds of temperature sensors like  the LM34. Gary  gave a great presentation on how he uses SQLite to store his measured data-points and then demonstrated exactly how easy it is to use simple SQL instructions to start using the acquired date for making intelligent decisions. Thanks Gary….
  • Raspberry Pi – Sam Williams discussed the Raspberry Pi and Linux. Sam demonstrated  two different versions of Linux for the Raspberry Pi. He showed us how easy it is to get a media center up and running with the RaspBMC ( version of Linux. Also gave some ideas on how to tune these devices for performance. Sam  then demonstrated how easy it is to set up a general purpose system using the Raspbian distribution( .

There were lots of cool things demonstrated this evening. Everyone had a really great time.

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