April RRLug Meeting Minutes: 04/11/13

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May 062013

The April  RRLug meeting went really well. We had 10 people attending and we met at out usual time of  6:30pm. The meeting location has changed one more time and this time we have moved into the Executive Board Room. The new location isn’t a classroom at all, but it has all the immensities we were used to in our former classroom.  Directions: Take a right turn out of the elevator on the third floor and head straight in.

April was designated  as a  general discussion and strategy meeting.  We discussed many things Linux related and in general had a good time. Peter Hedlund gave a couple of impromptu presentations. The first was a demo on using the ChipKit Development Kit from MicroChip. The second was a video from the BenHeck show on the PIC32 Microcontroller Tutorial   which was also based around the Chipkit development environment.

It was a good meeting and everyone had an awesome time.

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