Jan 092013

The December  RRLug meeting went really well. The holiday season lowered our attendance just a bit though to 9 people ! We met at 6:30pm  at Rasmussen College (rm 403).  Tonight there were two presentations:

  • Using USB Thumb-drives & Linux  – Sam Williams discussed using USB drives with Linux and how to deal with them. He discussed the importance of testing new and old thumb-drives alike particularly if they haven’t been used in awhile. Sam discussed proper test methods, securing data, and performance testing during the presentation.
  • Enlightenment (E17)/ Raspberry Pi – Sam Williams gave a two-pronged presentation on using the  pre-released Enlightenment 17 release ZERO. with the Raspberry Pi.  Sam gave some useful historic perspective on Enlightenment and an exposure to some awesome display  technology. Using the Raspberry Pi,  Sam was able to start demonstrating how E17  is perfect for computers with low hardware resources! Sadly the VGA<>HDMI adapter started misbehaving so it will be necessary to continue exploring the formally  released  Enlightenment 17 release ZERO ( release 12/21/12) at the January meeting.

As always we had some great and lively discussion!

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