Feb 122013


The January  RRLug meeting went really well. We had  9 people attending as the year got off to a good start ! We met at 6:30pm  at Rasmussen College (rm 403).  Tonight there were two presentations:

  • Favorite Linux Commands – Sam Williams started out the new year discussions with several of his favorite Linux commands.
  • Sublime Text 2 – Peter Hedlund gave a great presentation on the relatively new text editor Sublime Text 2. Its not free, but its cheap, has a great deal of unique functionality, and it also has a vim compatibility mode called “vintage”.
  • Enlightenment Desktop – Sam Williams continued his demonstration of Enlightenment 17 release ZERO. Last month you could see that the desktop could easily be used on lower resource hardware, particularly on a Raspberry Pi. This month we discussed a little more areas of configuration.

The meeting was fun and there were many interesting questions asked. I suspect there will be several instances of E17 spinning up on a system near you soon and all running Sublime Text 2:-) Thanks Peter for a great presentation!

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