Apr 102013

The March  RRLug meeting went really well. We had  12  people attending. ! We met at out usual time of  6:30pm  at Rasmussen College (rm 403).   There were two presentations in March:

  • Raspberry Pi / Pi Cobbler – Peter Hedlund  demonstrated a few things he has done with the Pi Cobbler (GPIO breakout board) and the Raspberry Pi. Peter saved this demo for the March meeting and we all found it to be a very interesting way of interfacing the Raspberry Pi to the outside world.
  • Enlightenment Desktop – Sam Williams continued  his demonstration of Enlightenment 17 release ZERO. In January  he started by demonstrating the desktop on a Raspberry Pi to show just how well it would run on low resource hardware. This month he discussed the many different ways the desktop could be configured and used. It only took 10 years, but Enlightenment 17 has shaped up quite well.


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