April RRLug Meeting Minutes 04/10/14

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May 072014

The April  RRLug meeting had 12 members attending.  We met at the usual time of  6:30pm in the Rasmussen College Boardroom. We had  a few new faces in the crowd tonight. As usual we had several different presentations on the agenda.

  • Arduino –  Gary Melvin gave a great presentation on his 8 position product charger.  It is based on the Mega2560 and uses 2  well-designed PCBs by Gary. The 8 charging nests run independent and asynchronously. It was a really interesting presentation.
  • Linux News – the group had a lively discussion on  the current Linux news from the last month.
  • Security Updates – we discussed additional issues related to last months security project
  • SSH –  There was additional discussion on the issues that should  be considered when using and configuring SSH properly.

As usual we had a really great time!

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