Nov 122014

The October  RRLug meeting had 11 members attending.  We met at Rasmussen @ 6:30pm, but shifted the meeting to a classroom in order to use a whiteboard. Next month we will again return to the boardroom! The meeting was a little unconventional in its approach, but we covered all the topics below:

  • SpeedTest – discuss a convenient tool for determining your current Internet connection speed.
  • Firefox Configuration Management Pt2 – Sam Williams finished discussing the newest changes in Firefox that help safeguard your configuration and settings.
  • Linux News – Discuss the general Linux news items from the past month.
  • Raspberry Pi B+ – Peter HedLund is going to bring his new Raspberry Pi B+. If  he gets a chance to work on it, he will  also have a touchscreen display that will mount on the PI.
  • Wubi installation – Peter Hedlund will also  discuss the issues he had with his recent Wubi upgrade of Ubuntu.
  • Linux Troubleshooting – Gary Melvin is going to bring a computer to the meeting to use in a discussion of troubleshooting techniques. The computer belongs to a friend and is dying after about an hour of disuse.

We had a really good meeting and wished more of the members had been able to attend.

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