Mar 092016

Everyone me for  February RRLug meeting  at the usual time of  6:00 pm in the Rasmussen College Boardroom.   We discussed the following:

  • General  Discussion –  we had a series of smaller Linux based discussions in a lighting format. It was a nice experiment which we will try again soon.
  • Tails (Pt1) – Sam Williams started demonstrating parts of the Tails security distribution.
  • MultiBootUsb (Pt1) – Sam Williams began  demonstrating a Python based tool used to take a normal thumbdrive and make it into a device that can boot 1 to X number of separate Linux Distributions. This is a handy tool particularly if you want to test or demo different Linux distributions. The discussion will be completed during the March meeting.
  • Linux News –we discussed a few Linux news items from the last months
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