Apr 132016

The March  RRLug meeting had our largest attendance so far this year.  We met at the usual time of  6:00 pm in the Rasmussen College Boardroom.   We discussed the following:

  • Rockford MakerSpace Update – Sam Williams and Jon Weber provided an update of the first ever Rockford Makerspace meeting devoted to Arduino’s and Raspberry Pi’s for those that weren’t able to attend.
  • Astro-Pi – Sam Williams demonstrated some of the capabilities  of his newly acquired Astro-Pi Sense-HAT for the Raspberry Pi. The demo included  custom python programs and an explanation of the python-sense-hat libraries.
  • MultiBootUsb (Pt2) – Sam Williams completed his demonstration of  a python based tool used to take a normal  thumb-drive and make it into a device that will boot from  1 to X number of separate Linux Distributions. This is a very handy tool particularly if you want to test or demo different Linux distributions.
  • Linux News – As usual we discussed the Linux news from the last month.

We had a really good meeting, saw many older and newer members, and had some great discussions!

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