Apr 122017

The March RRLug meeting had a larger turnout with 17 people attending. We met at the usual time of 6:00 pm in the Rasmussen College Boardroom and had the following presentations:

  • Hardware Hacking – Peter Hedlund gave a really great demonstration on how he uses serial port communication for commercial coffee brewer control! If that wasn’t interesting enough he followed it with a discussion of the esp8266. Thanks Peter!
  • Favorite Linux Commands Pt2 – Imagine being trapped in an isolated area with just your  Linux computer. We continued our discussion of favorite Linux commands that we find useful everyday and that we really can’t live without.
  • Fail2Ban – We looked at using Fail2Ban as a way securing your machine from outside brute-force attacks. We discussed some of best ways to use this command.
  • Byobu – If you like the idea of a screen multiplexer and can’t decided between screen and tmux there is another answer called Byobu. Byobu wraps around either Screen or Tmux to provide a simple and uniform terminal multiplexer experience. Tonight we looked at the program and demonstrated how useful it could be for command line applications.
  • Linux News – We discussed some of the recent Linux news items that appeared during the last month!

As usual we had a great time of informative geeky fun and humor! If you missed the showing this time and are interested keep your eyes on the blog because we might show it sooner then 5 years the next time!


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