Sep 132017

The September RRLug meeting will be held starting at 6:00pm on Thursday, September 14th. Directions: When you arrive at Rasmussen College take the elevator to the third floor then turn right and walk straight into the meeting room (Boardroom). This months agenda is as follows:

  • Cockpit Live Installation Demo – Waving a fist in the air we will try to do a live Cockpit installation for discussion and general interest.
  • tmux – Terminal Multiplexer – Tonight we are going to explore some of the really cool features in the terminal multiplexer, tmux. We are going to see where it can be a big asset and understand how it should be your one of your main tools in your toolbox!
  • Odroid HC1 Show and Tell – Sam is bringing  his  new hardware acquisition to discuss and share what his new project is going to be.
  • Linux News – We will discuss a point raised recently where the head of the Linux Foundation was using a non-Linux OS to do his presentations at a PR event.

Hope to see you all there, particularly since we are going to have some really interesting presentations!

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