Jan 312012

Happy New Year everyone!!

RRLug started off the new year  in a great new meeting area. We are now being sponsored by Rasmussen College. (Thanks PJ)  We had a total of 10 people attend the January  meeting. It was an awesome meeting because arrangements were last minute, and we still had an great turn-out. We even had a couple of people attend that hadn’t been to meetings in a number of years, including one that had moved to Tennessee and has now come back. Welcome back Derald!

Sam Williams gave an introduction to the open-source Arduino project. Explaining details about the project, the different boards, and a variety of other project details. He then proceeded to demonstrate how easy they are to program. By the end of the night we had gone over many of the  details of its programming IDE and language and created a  simple Morse code program to blink out SOS. The meeting went well and everyone seemed to have a really good time.

There will be more Arduino projects coming in future meetings. In the meantime, please planing on coming to the February meeting on February 10th @ 6:30pm. Look forward to seeing you there.


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