August RRLug Meeting Agenda: 08/09/12

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Aug 082012

Just a reminder to everyone that we will have our August LUG meeting  at 6:30pm on Thursday, August 9th. Currently, the agenda is as follows:

  • State Machine Programming– Gary Melvin  has been busy with his Arduinos and now Raspberry Pi projects, but has offered to give a presentation on State-machine programming. This should be very interesting particularly to those working on Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects in the group.
  • EMC2 Discussion and Demo – john Jamont will be giving a presentation on configuring and running EMC2 ( Linux CNC). The presentation will be very interesting to most of our users since great interest was expressed on this topic earlier in the summer.
  • Linux System Monitoring Tools (Part 3) – Sam Williams – Will complete his discussion on performance monitoring tools that he started back in June.
  • Linux News – Sam Williams

Looks like it is going to be a very interesting meeting. Hope you all can come out and catch up.

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July RRLug Meeting Minutes: 07/12/12

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Aug 082012

We had a really good meeting. We had 15 people in attendance and had some really informative demonstrations and discussions,

  • Arduino Development – Gary Melvin  has been busy with his Arduinos at work and at home lately. He gave  a  great discussion on using the Arduino with the LM34 thermal sensor and analog inputs.  He demonstrated how he reads  temperatures via the serial port, discussed his temperature web server project, then demonstrated reading these collected values using a TCP socket interface.
  • Raspberry Pi Demo – Peter Hedlund –  demonstrated his new Raspberry Pi and discussed some of the things he’s learned about it during the last month. He also gave a great discussion on  a two different Linux distributions  for the Raspberry Pi and a few  inherent problems with each,
  • Linux System Monitoring Tools (Part 2) – Sam Williams – Sam completed his discussion of Linux command line performance monitoring tools
  • Linux News – Sam Williams

It was a fun and informative meeting. We all had a great time. Thanks Gary and Peter for your help and demonstrations!

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