September RRLug Meeting Agenda: 09/13/12

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Sep 122012

Just a reminder to everyone that we will have our August LUG meeting  at 6:30pm on Thursday, September 13th. Currently, the agenda is as follows:

  • Arduino Based/Thermometer – Gary Melvin  has been busy with his Arduinos and will discuss and demo the Arduino/LM34 web thermometer project he has been working on. Its a very nice project that everyone will enjoy.
  • Polyglot vs Monolingual Programmers – Calvin Schultz will be discussing polyglot vs monolingual programmers . Ever wonder what it was like to have more then one programming tool in your toolkit,  tonight you’re going to get some great insight into that domain. The discussion will be very informative for those considering enhancing their  programming skills in the world of F/OSS.

Hope you all can come out and catch up.

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August RRLug Meeting Minutes: 08/09/12

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Sep 122012
We had a very good turn-out in spite this being the last official summer meeting of the year. We had 12 attend with several of these being first time visitors.

  • State Machine Programming– Gary Melvin gave  a great presentation on programing state-machines. This was very interesting particularly to those working on Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects in the group.
  • EMC2 Discussion and Demo – John Jamont gave  n informative presentation on configuring and running EMC2 ( Linux CNC). The topic was very interesting to the group, particularly for those that have been toying around with the idea of Linux controlled home machine tools
  • Linux System Monitoring Tools (Part 3) – Sam Williams –finished his discussion on system monitoring tools for Linux.

It was a fun and informative meeting. We all had a great time. Thanks Gary and John for your help and demonstrations!

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