Aug 082012

Just a reminder to everyone that we will have our August LUG meeting  at 6:30pm on Thursday, August 9th. Currently, the agenda is as follows:

  • State Machine Programming– Gary Melvin  has been busy with his Arduinos and now Raspberry Pi projects, but has offered to give a presentation on State-machine programming. This should be very interesting particularly to those working on Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects in the group.
  • EMC2 Discussion and Demo – john Jamont will be giving a presentation on configuring and running EMC2 ( Linux CNC). The presentation will be very interesting to most of our users since great interest was expressed on this topic earlier in the summer.
  • Linux System Monitoring Tools (Part 3) – Sam Williams – Will complete his discussion on performance monitoring tools that he started back in June.
  • Linux News – Sam Williams

Looks like it is going to be a very interesting meeting. Hope you all can come out and catch up.

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