Sep 122012
We had a very good turn-out in spite this being the last official summer meeting of the year. We had 12 attend with several of these being first time visitors.

  • State Machine Programming– Gary Melvin gave  a great presentation on programing state-machines. This was very interesting particularly to those working on Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects in the group.
  • EMC2 Discussion and Demo – John Jamont gave  n informative presentation on configuring and running EMC2 ( Linux CNC). The topic was very interesting to the group, particularly for those that have been toying around with the idea of Linux controlled home machine tools
  • Linux System Monitoring Tools (Part 3) – Sam Williams –finished his discussion on system monitoring tools for Linux.

It was a fun and informative meeting. We all had a great time. Thanks Gary and John for your help and demonstrations!

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