December RRLug Meeting Agenda: 12/11/14

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Dec 102014


Just a reminder to everyone that we will have our December  LUG meeting  at 6:30pm on Thursday, December 11th. Directions: When you arrive at Rasmussen College take the elevator to the third floor then turn right and walk straight into the meeting room (Boardroom). Tonight’s presentations are:

  • Gawk ( Tracy Henness) – Learn how to use an extremely powerful Linux/Unix programming language for your text processing needs that is available as part of the base operating system. You will all find this discussion extremely useful.
  • Education Uses of F/OSS – Excellent video detailing how one school is seriously  putting the power of open source to use for saving money and simultaneously empowering the entire student body. A fascinating treatment
  • Linux News – We will discuss the highlights of the last month in Linux news.

Hope to see you all there!

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November RRLug Meeting Minutes: 11/13/14

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Dec 092014

The November RRLug meeting had 9 members attending.  We met at the usual time of  6:30pm in the Rasmussen College Boardroom.  We had some lively discussions tonight that replaced the tentative presentations that were  were canceled at the last minute. Hopefully the topics can be revisited at a later time.

  • Good discussion on computer security, specifically focused on Linux and Open Source
  • We examined several of  the month most  notable  FOSS news items
  • Held a little bit of general discussion on the main classes of Linux distribution ( ie… Redhat-based vs Debian-based)
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