Jun 102014

The May  RRLug meeting had 13 members attending.  We met at the usual time of  6:30pm in the Rasmussen College Boardroom. We had  a few new faces in the crowd tonight. As usual we had several different presentations on the agenda, however tonight we had a few changes.

  • General Discussion / Q&A occupied a larger part of the meeting tonight. We had some new members present that had some very specific questions that needed addressing.
  • User Group Synergy – We had a really cool synergy develop tonight as Jon Weber of  the Rockford OpenData Challenge came to the meeting. He was discussing the goals of the OpenData challenge. During his discussion we realized that Joe Terrell might have some of the political demographic data Jon needed to benefit his project. It just so happened that not only did Joe have access to the data, but he in fact had it with him at the meeting. He was able to share his data with Jon and it was a win-win all around!
  • Linux News – a bit of discussion on  general Linux news items from the past month.

We had a great time tonight during the meeting!

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