Jun 092014

On the evening of 05/22/14 @ 7pm, a couple of members from RRLug made a drive down to the Ogle county airport for the first ever meeting of the Ogle County Linux Users Group ( Temporary name). There was a total of 12 people there of mixed ages and technical backgrounds.

  • Gary Melvin started with an introductory presentation of what Linux is, some of the things it can do, and why people should be interested in it as a computing platform. After the presentation he  laid out his goals for the new group and then proceeded to solicit suggestions from those in attendance to help determine their ideas for an initial direction.  Before he was finished he had captured a lot of really good ideas.
  • After Gary had finished with his presentation,  Sam Williams gave an ad hoc presentation on all things Linux. Truthfully it wasn’t all things Linux  of course, but as he presented he opened the floor to questions and tried to  tailor his talk towards answering the questions that arose.

The meeting went about 3 hours long. There was a lot of good questions, lots of good answers, and a general sense of camaraderie present. It was a really fun evening! Gary did a marvelous job getting things going for the initial meeting and I suspect going forward this new LUG will really thrive under his leadership!

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