Oct 082017

The September RRLug meeting was held starting at 6:00pm on Thursday, September 14th. There was 13 in attendance and we had the following discussions:

  • pfSense Firewall – Joe Granneman of illumination.io   gave a great general purpose presentation on using the firewall. He explains how he has used it in the past and also gave some good solid suggestions on how to properly scale your firewall hardware.
  • Cockpit Demo – Sam Williams had originally intended to give a live demonstration of the Cockpit System management tool from installation to practical usage. We then realized the speed of Rasmussen’s network connection might cause issue with the installation. Sam instead preinstalled the software on his laptop then gave a proper demonstration of its use from that.
  • tmux – Terminal Multiplexer – We  explored some of the really cool features in the terminal multiplexer, tmux. Tmux  can be a big asset and understanding how to use it is important because it should be one of the main tools in your toolbox.
  • Odroid HC1 Show and Tell – Sam brought his new hardware acquisition to discuss and share what his new project is going to be.
  • Linux News – We  discussed a point raised recently where the head of the Linux Foundation is still using a non-Linux OS to do his presentations at Linux PR events even after he declared 2017 the Year of the Linux Desktop.
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