April RRLug Agenda: 04/08/2021

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Apr 062021

Our meeting will run from 6:00 – 10:00 pm on Thursday, April 8th. The first hour of the meeting will be devoted to a general round-table discussion on Linux and Open Source followed by any presentations. Contact and agenda information is listed below:

April 2021 Virtual Meeting Link

  • Create Your Own Internet Search Engine – Sam Williams will give us a presentation on setting up and configuring your very own Internet Search Engine! It may seem unnecessary, but if you are worried about Google and Microsoft tracking all your search activities tonights project could be just the ticket to a safer, less trackable search experience.
  • Linux Round-Table Discussion – We will discuss any Linux related news items that strike a responsive cord with the membership. We will also discuss any technical problems or issues people may be dealing with.

Looking forward to seeing you all online for the April meeting.

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