June RRLug Agenda: 06/10/2021

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Jun 092021

Our monthly RRLug meeting will run from 6:00 – 10:00 pm on Thursday, June 10th. Contact and agenda information is listed below:

June 2021 Virtual Meeting Link

  • General Linux/FOSS Discussion – Feel free to bring any problems and general topics for some lively, informative discussion during our first hour. We will break at the end of the hour and if time permits will resume any further discussions after the presentations.
  • Discuss Potential Meeting Topics – Firm up presentation topics for the remainder of 2021 and see if anyone has any interest in giving any of the them.
  • Linux Security Auditing (Part 1) – Sam Williams is going to take a look at a Linux security auditing tool called Lynis which provides some pretty significant reporting on potential system vulnerabilities with suggestions in many cases on how to fix them.
  • Linux Troubleshooting (Part 1) – Sam Williams is going to start a long-running series on Linux troubleshooting. Tonight he is going to begin with a brief discussion of several of the most fundamental tools that every troubleshooter should bring to the table.

Looking forward to seeing you all online for the June meeting.

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