November RRLug Agenda: 11/11/2021

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Nov 092021

Our monthly RRLug meeting will run from 6:00 – 10:00 pm on Thursday, November 11th. We use Jitsi for our meeting conferences. (Best results can be seen with the Brave or Firefox browsers):

November 2021 Virtual Meeting Link

  • Ten Years of Pwnage – The last ten years have seen multiple big corporations fall to major attacks and the breach of almost every American’s personal information. The hacking tools and techniques have improved significantly as government and criminal organizations have invested incredible amounts of money and resources into their development. The defenses have improved as well over time as companies have learned their lesson from major cyberattacks. This talk by Joe Granneman of, will look back at the tools, techniques and major breaches that have altered the way companies view cyber security in 2021. Joe will focus on things that haven’t changed in ten years that could have prevented some of these major breaches. He will also discuss future attacks and defenses for the next ten years and how companies will need to adapt in order to continue taking advantage of the deployment of technology. This will be a very interesting talk!
  • General Linux/FOSS Discussion – Feel free to bring any problems and general topics for some lively, informative discussion during our first hour. We will break at the end of the hour and if time permits will resume any further discussions after the presentations.
  • Discuss Potential Meeting Topics – We will continue our discussion of presentation topics for the remainder of 2021 and see if anyone has given any thoughts on possible providing a presenation.

Looking forward to seeing you all online for the November meeting!

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