April Meeting Agenda: 04/14/2022

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Apr 122022
Jammy Jellyfish

Our April meeting will run from 6:00 – 10:00 pm on Thursday, April 14th. We use Jitsi Meet for our online meetings. (The Brave or Firefox browsers provide the best results):

  • Monthly Security Update -What types of problems have been plaguing the security community during the last month? Always exciting to hear the news!
  • Happy 17th Birthday: Git – its hard to believe its been 17 years since Linux Torvalds created the DVCS Git, but it has and its changed the world of software development. Lets discuss how it has made your lives better or worse in the realm of version control.
  • Jammy Jellyfish – Sam Williams will allow the group to take a look and ask questions regarding the newest version of Ubuntu (22.04) slated for release one week after the LUG meeting on Thursday 04/21/22.
  • F/OSS as a Philosophy: Does it work? – Lets discuss the practicality of F/OSS after all these years as we try to answer the question did it work, does it still work, and will it continue to work in the long term.
  • 04/1998: T-minus 12 and counting…
  • Discuss Potential Meeting Topics – Lets discuss presentation topics for the upcoming 2022 and see if anyone has any interest or thoughts on possibly providing a presenation.

Looking forward to seeing you all online for the April meeting!

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